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INSIDE FOOTBALL is an independent publication accredited by the New York Football Giants that has delivered in-depth analysis of the players and the team that goes beyond the daily headlines and takes readers deeper into the game.

We have been credentialed by the Giants organization and National Football League to attend practices, games, and other league-wide events; however, we are neither sponsored by, nor affiliated with the New York Football Giants, National Football League, or its member franchises.

INSIDE FOOTBALL'S subscription product, which is only available through this online store, consists of a straightforward, no-frills newsletter filled with comprehensive analysis, informed opinions, and unique features about the Giants. It is written by a team of editorial analysts who spend hours analyzing game footage, conducting interviews, and performing research to provide readers with thought-provoking analysis and deeper perspectives.

We publish weekly starting with training camp and through the regular season (no bye week), and monthly in the offseason. We also offer playoff coverage if the Giants qualify for the postseason.

INSIDE FOOTBALL is available for delivery via first class mail or electronically via e-mail, and through our on-demand section reserved for our full-year subscribers.

If you are a serious Giants fan who wants something more than the same stories and quotes that tend to dominate the daily papers... if you want an in-depth, analytic view of the players and team, such as why a player is struggling or is doing well... if you want a fair, balanced view point of how things really are, and how they could be written by analysts who are "on the ground" at practices and who have access to the players, coaches and league personnel, then INSIDE FOOTBALL is for you.

Please have a look around our online store. If we can assist you with placing a subscription order, contact us at 732-743-5694 during regular business hours or write to admin@insidefootball.com.

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Inside Football 1-year E-mail Subscription Inside Football Regular Season Package (16 Issues)
Inside Football 1-year E-mail SubscriptionInside Football Regular Season Package (16 Issues)

One-year digital subscription, 26 issues.

Package includes: 16 Regular Season Coverage: Weekly issues, no issue over the bye week. Plus get the four weekly 2015 preseason issues FREE with your subscription to this package. DELIVERY INFORMATION This item is available for download as a PDF...



Inside Football Single Issues Inside Football's 2015 NY Giants Training Camp Report & Analysis
Inside Football Single IssuesInside Football's 2015 NY Giants Training Camp Report & Analysis

Inside Football Single Issues

INSIDE FOOTBALL staff writers were up close at Giants training camp practices. In this eight-page issue, we bring readers cover-to-cover coverage on as many players as possible--who looked good, who didn't, who said what and what it all mean...



Inside Football 1-year Print Subscription
Inside Football 1-year Print Subscription

One-year subscription, 26 issues delivered via first-class mail


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